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Private Live Chat with Magikhapns - Tarot Reading and Chinese Astrology in Porto Velho right now. 25-30 years of career in Chinese Astrology. Will he like me? Will we stay together? Are they still interested in me? Will we get back together? What are our chances? Will I find true love or will true love find me? All these are important questions that we may find the answers to. Let Spirit Help you in all of your matters in life! Let's get started in opening the doors of opportunity for you! In a private room reading you will be able to see with my guidance, the answers to many things. Free chat is to talk about spiritual things in general as well as ask questions on what I do. All readings are done in private room. Thank you! : ) Channel, Psychic, Healer, Shamanic work, CenterRing Facilitator, Reiki Master, Avatar Master/Wizard, Ishayas Ascension, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Remote Viewing, Mediumship, connecting clients with their relatives who have passed on, as well as their Guides, Spiritual Teachers, Angels, Power Animals, and Ascended Masters who are able and ready to help and guide their lives. Learn to follow the infinite path of awareness to experiential places beyond the mind that will release you into an ecstatic freedom that only Infinite Awareness can offer! I am a Channel For Guides, Angels, Power Animals and many other High Vibrational beings. Their advice through me can be very enlightening! And their guidance is so loving and kind, yet stern when need be. You will receive just the right guidance at just the right moment for things you have even forgotten that you needed! I can see relationship energies between you and the other person and can see what the possibilities and problems are for short term and long term. I can tell if your vibrations are ideal and in alignment with each other as well as what it will take to be even more in alignment! I can tell when you are going to have a new relationship in your life or your old flame coming back to either help you or disturb you and how to avoid this if it is coming. I can help you resolve life issues, and teach you how to shift and change your reality! To even bring in a whole new creation of your reality, just the way you'd like it to be. The CenterRing Technique is a technique that can be guided easily between us through Oranum in order to dream things into or out of your life, your world! This is also something that takes time so please be able to spend however long it takes to complete each session. Spirit energy healings and Reiki Healings are delivered with ease through our connection on Oranum. Many times you can actually feel the healing energies coming to you to help with your needs! This is an incredible experience and it works on all levels of consciousness whether a person is "feeling" it or not. The reason for this is that some levels, like mental and emotional maybe vibrationally changed but not felt as are the vibrations on the physical level. There are so many layers and levels to a human "being" that it would be impossible to always tell what is happening in an energy exchange. But change you will! Many have found this extremely helpful in treating many types of situations and manifestations. Reiki Attunements are also available through Oranum and work very well ! ! ! Be sure and have plenty of time available before asking for this since it will take a while! Talk to me about this and we will make special appointments and arrangements for you and your sessions on Oranum I have worked with indigenous people and have done so throughout different parts of the world. I am a Shamanic Session Facilitator, helping you navigate through the dreamtime, as astronauts of inner space! Formal Shamanic Counseling sessions are also available. With the advent of the vibrational, transformational changes that are already taking place, realize the power that is effecting change in all our lives for a much higher and brighter form of existance in which our planet, our universe will be experiencing more peace and love than ever before! And you are a part of it! If things seem to be getting a bit weird in your life, then this is probably why. Let me help you through guided groundedness and joy in recovering balance for you and your life and for those around you at this time! - Magikhapns

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